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“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…”

Announcing: Open Gate Detroit

We are excited to announce that we are running Open Gate in Detroit, Michigan for the first time ever! The program will be relatively similar to Open Gate Reading, however, as always, expect the unexpected!

We are now accepting applicants for both Detroit, MI and Reading, PA.  

Detroit Michigan


Mission Statement

A two-week hands-on training program focused on evangelism, outreach, and spiritual growth in an urban setting.

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Vision Statement

Equipping youth with vision, tools, and experience to evangelize, teach, lead, and serve in their local communities and churches, making an eternal impact.

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Bird's-Eye of Open Gate


To provide a concentrated 2-week program that puts emphasis on the gospel, evangelism, and a passion for God and people with prayer at the center.

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To provide both sound teaching and application opportunities that stretch one out of their comfort zone; to provide opportunities where one learns what it means to trust God more. 


To provide both sound teaching and application opportunities that stretch one out of their comfort zone; to provide opportunities where one learns what it means to trust God more. 


To provide the opportunity to plan, organize, and conduct vacation bible schools for city children and invest in the community in other ways.

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Open Gate Merch!

All the proceeds help Open Gate with operating expenses.

Called to grow as a Leader?

Gate Keepers

A weekend of intense specialized training and spiritual input to develop men and women into Godly leaders who are empowered and equipped to lead in their God-given roles.

  • Learn how you lead.
  • Build your confidence
  • Understand the responsibility of leadership.
  • What is leadership?
  • Why do Christians lead?
  • How should Christians lead?


You can find us at:


410 S 14th St, Reading, PA 19602

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Open Gate Policies and Guidelines

We recognize that those attending Open Gate come from churches with a variety of practices and
applications of Scriptural principles. Therefore, to keep a consistent witness, we ask those attending
“Open Gate” to support the following guidelines.
1. We ask that students be faithful to the guidelines of their local congregations even when they
extend beyond the minimum requirements of Open Gate.
2. We affirm the Biblical teaching (I Cor. 11) of naturally long hair for woman and that her
veiled head is the symbol of her submission to the order of headship. The hair shall be worn
up under a traditional covering or hanging veiling of sufficient size to give affirmation to the
principle of headship.
3. Men’s hair shall be cut neatly and shall not be over the ears in length or reach the shirt collar.
Clothing with gaudy or bizarre logos should be avoided. Shirts should have their second
button fastened. Men shall dress respectfully, giving expression of Christian character and
4. Shorts, sleeveless garments, culottes or low-necked or sheer garments shall not be worn. Full
skirts are required, covering the knees both while sitting and standing. Tight and form-fitting
clothing shall be avoided. Women shall dress giving proper affirmation to the principles of
modesty and decency.
5. Both men and women shall dress appropriately for all activities of outreach and evangelism.
Instruction will be given during the week when formal or casual dress is expected.
6. Guy/Girl Relationships – Since this is a short-term mission program, dating is not to take
place while enrolled at Open Gate. We are promoting an atmosphere where interaction will
be as a group and isolated guy/girl relationships are not to be observed. Attendees are
expected to be courteous and respectful at all times and maintain Christian standards of
conduct and respect towards those in leadership.
7. Those who are responsible for this ministry may feel a need to talk with an individual about
specific applications or behavior that need improvement. Please listen respectfully and
cooperate graciously as concerns are expressed. This will make the program go much more
smoothly and avoid giving Satan an opportunity to hinder God’s work by creating
misunderstandings and divisions.
8. These guidelines are to be observed during the term of Open Gate from arrival until
9. Additional direction will be given at orientation in respect to personal conduct, automobile
use, recreational time, dorm life and overall principles of conduct for the program of Open